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We pride ourselves on the personal touch and have been providing Kiln Dried Logs & Coal for many years to Home Owners, Pubs & Hotels. Here at Grenville we can advice on the types of fuel we sell in order for you to purchase the right fuel for your needs.

Taybrite 25kg

£18.50 per bag

Taybrite Smokeless Coal is an adaptable, multi-purpose smokeless fuel for use in a wide range of appliances including open fires, roomheaters, multi-fuel stoves, and boilers. Taybrite is easy to light, burns cleanly with good heat output and is capable of lasting for long periods, slumbering well overnight ready for the next morning. With its lower cost and good heating performance, Taybrite represents good value for money. HETAS approved and suitable for use in smokeless zones.

Homefire 25kg

£20.00 per bag

Homefire has been the nation's choice of smokeless fuel for over 45 years. It burns with an attractive flame, has excellent heat output - giving out over 30% more heat than house coal, and easily lasts through the night to give you a warm and cosy room the next morning. Homefire is authorised for use in all smokeless zones and is HETAS approved meaning it is safe and fit for use.It is better for the environment too - emitting up to 80% less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal. Whilst Homefire will work on all solid fuel appliances, its larger, hexagonal shape means it works best on open fires and multi-fuel stoves where you want a balance of good performance and attractive flame. 

Homefire Ovals 25kg

£ 20.00 per bag

Homefire Ovals is one of the most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. These slow burning smokeless coal ovals pack together tightly in the grate, providing maximum heat output, and producing minimal waste. Homefire Ovals last up to 40% longer than house coal, generate up to 20% more heat, and produce up to 80% less smoke. HETAS approved and authorised for use in smokeless zones.

Ecoal 50 25kg

£20.00 per bag

Ecoal50 is a revolutionary smokeless coal which is produced from 50% renewable materials.

Thanks to its high and sustained heat output, burning Ecoal50 works out even cheaper than burning house coal over time. Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal burns up to 38% hotter than house coal while producing up to 80% less smoke and 40% less CO2. HETAS approved and authorised for use in smokeless zones, Homefire Ecoal50 is recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

Brazier 25kg

£17.00 per bag

Brazier is an economy smokeless coal, recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Authorised for use in Smokeless Zones. HETAS approved as safe and fit for purpose.

Wildfire 25kg

£17.50 per bag

Wildfire Smokeless is a high performance alternative to the original Wildfire. Burning with a natural and attractive flame Wildfire is an approved Ready to Burn smokeless fuel and can be banked comfortably overnight.

Kiln Dried Logs

9-10kg Eucalyptus nets £8.00

20kg* Oak Bags £20.00



Dump Bags Birch £180.00*

Dump Bags Oak £200.00*

Dump Bag Mixed £200.00*

Looking for a high quality wood fuel? Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are the finest that money can buy and, to make them even more appealing, you can save money by buying in bulk with a Dump Bag of this powerful wood fuel.The low moisture content of kiln dried logs - averaging less than 20% means that they produce a powerful heat for long periods of time.     

*Dump bags are for delivery local to our Nursery, if you are intrested please contact us and we can advise if this is possible.

Homefire Kiln Dried Birch £POA

Dried to a mousture level of less than 20% in a purpose bulit kiln, these are ready to burn certified. To ensure high quality at all times, these Logs meet strict quality control guidelines for moisture content, size, package volume, species and country of origin.

  • Kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture.
  • Suitable for smokless zones in DEFRA-exempt appliances.
  • Ready to burn.
  • Burns at a high temperature with a long and natural flame.
  • Low smoke emissions make them better for the environment.
  • Ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens, chimeneas or traditional open fires.
  • Packed into water resistant bags.

Kindling £4.00 per bag

Packed in a convenient size in a showerproof polythene bag, Homefire Supapack Kindling firewood is easy to store and as it is easy to light it will take no time to get your fire off to a roaring start.

  • Dry firewood
  • Easy to light fire wood
  • Handy firewood bag
  • Simple to keep in dry storage
  • Recognised firewood brand

Fibre-lighters pack of 28 cubes


Homefire Firelighters are an assured and reliable product which will help get your fire started quickly and easily.  For fast, reliable ignition of kindling, logs, mixed solid fuels and smokeless fuels, use a CPL Firelighter.

  • Easy to light
  • Handy firelighter box
  • Ideal for open fires, stoves etc.
  • Quick lite firelighters
  • Easy to break or crumble
  • Reliable product
  • Lights your fire quickly and simply

Homefire Twizlers 300g

£2.50 each

Homefire Twizles is an assured and reliable product which will help get your fire started quickly and easily.  For fast, reliable ignition of kindling, logs, mixed solid fuels and smokeless fuels, use a CPL Firelighter.

  • Easy to light.
  • Burns for 7-10 minutes.
  • Ideal for open fires, stoves etc.
  • Has odourless and smokless flame.
  • 100% Natural
  • Reliable product
  • Lights your fire quickly and simply

Restaurant Grade Charcoal 12kg

£15.00 per bag

Order premium quality, restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal for that authentic BBQ taste. This excellent charcoal is produced in larger chunks so that it is ideal for use on a wide range of bbq's from the typical garden barbecue to larger, professional grilling and BBQ equipment. Made from lumpwood charcoal, these pieces burn hotter and for longer than ordinary charcoal and are popular with restaurant professionals and garden chefs alike. CPL Restaurant Charcoal produces a high and stable heat for long periods of time, enabling you to create the perfect BBQ or grilled food.


Barrettine BBQ Lighting Gel

1 Litre



Barrettine BBQ Lighting Fluid

1 Litre


Bryant & May Extra Long Matches

99p per pack


The Original Cooks Matches


84p per pack


Manor Extra Long Matches

11 Inches Long


£4.00 per pack

Zip Energy Firelighers

40 Cubes

£2.85 each


Delivery service avaliable.

A minimum of 10 mixed bags or one dump bag must be ordered to qualify for FREE LOCAL DELIVERY.

Prices are subject to change and managment have to right to withdraw these prices at any time.

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