Special Offers

1 and 2 Litre perrenials.


Most lines in our 1 litre range are now sold out, sorry.


All 1 Litre are £2.99 or 4 for £10.00

2 Litre are prices between £6.00 and £10.00, please call to confirm prices.

Plant Name Avaliable In
  1 Litre 2/3 Litre
Achillea Cassis YES YES
Achillea Peggy Sue YES YES
Achillea Pretty Blinda YES YES
Achillea Red Velvet YES YES
Achillea millef Terracotta    YES YES
Achillea Moon Dust YES YES
Achillea New Vintage Rose YES YES
Achillea New Vintage Violet YES YES
Achillea New Vintage White YES YES
Ajuga Golden Beauty YES  
Ajuga rep Braunhertz     YES YES
Ajuga rep Burgundy Glow  YES  
Alchemilla mollis Irish Silk  YES YES
Alstroemria Indian Summer   YES
Alstroemria Summer Red   YES
Alstroemria Summer Sky   YES
Alyssum Luna        YES  
Anemone hupeh Pink Saucer  YES YES
Aquilegia Swan Mix        YES  
Aquilegia Winky Mix   YES  
Arabis Lotti Rose Deep  YES  
Arabis Lotti White YES  
Arenaria mont Avalanche     YES  
Armeria pseud Ballerina Lilac YES  
Armeria pseud Ballerina Red   YES  
Armeria pseud Ballerina White YES  
Astilbe Astary Rose     YES  
Astilbe  Astary White    YES  
Brunnera  Jack Frost   YES
Campanula Bell Blue           YES YES
Campanula Bell White         YES YES
Campanula  Loddon Anna    YES YES
Campanula port Sago           YES  
Campanula Rapido Blue        YES  
Campanula Rapido White         YES  
Campanula Takion Blue         YES YES
Campanula Takion White      YES YES
Coreopsis Double The Sun YES  
Coreopsis Solanna Gldn Sphere YES  
Coreopsis UpTick Gold Bronze YES  
Delphinium Aurora Blue              YES  
Delphinium Aurora Blue Light      YES  
Delphinium Aurora Lavender          YES  
Delphinium Aurora Pink Dawn     YES  
Delphinium Aurora Purple Deep  YES  
Delphinium Aurora White   YES  
Delphinium Guardian Blue         YES  
Delphinium Guardian White  YES  
Delphinium Magic Fountin Blue Dark White Bee YES  
Delphinium Magic Fountin Blue Sky White Bee YES  
Delphinium Magic Fountin Cherry Blossom White Bee YES  
Delphinium Magic Fountin Lavender White Bee YES  
Delphium Magic Fountin White Pure YES  
Dianthus Kahori Scarlet YES  
Dianthus Kahori YES  
Digitalis Dalmatian Cream   YES YES
Digitalis Dalmatian Peach    YES YES
Digitalis Dalmatian Purple YES YES
Digitalis Dalmatian Rose     YES YES
Digitalis Dalmatian White    YES YES
Digitalis Foxlight Plum Gold YES YES
Digitalis Foxlight Rose Ivory YES YES
Digitalis Foxlight Ruby Glow YES YES
Doronicum  Leonardo      YES  
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit      YES YES
Echinacea Double Scoop Cranberry   YES
Echinacea PowWow White         YES YES
Echinacea PowWow Wild Berry   YES YES
Echinacea Green Jewel   YES
Echinacea Sensation Pink   YES
Echinacea Sombrero Adobe Orange   YES
Echinacea Sombrero Blanco   YES
Echinacea Sombrero Lemon Yellow   YES
Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red   YES
Echinacea Sombrero Tres Amgos   YES
Echinacea Sunseekers Salmon   YES
Erigeron Sea Breeze Mauve YES  
Erigeron Sea Breeze Pink YES  
Erigeron Wayne Roderick    YES  
Erodium variab Bishops Form  YES  
Erodium White            YES  
Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit    YES YES
Erysimum Apricot Twist    YES  
Erysimum Bowles Mauve    YES YES
Erysimum Fragrant Sunshine YES  
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow YES YES
Euphorbia martinii        YES YES
Euphorbia polychroma Purpurea  YES  
Gaura  Little Janie YES  
Gaura Summer Emotions YES YES
Gaura  Whiskers Rose Deep YES YES
Gaura Sparkle White         YES YES
Geranium Azure Rush   YES
Geranium Blushing Turtle   YES
Geranium Dreamland   YES
Geranium Rozanne   YES
Geranium Vision Pink      YES YES
Geranium Vision Violet    YES YES
Geum Blazing Sunset      YES  
Geum Koi            YES YES
Geum flore plena Sunrise  YES  
Geum Lady Stratheden      YES  
Geum Mrs Bradshaw    YES YES
Gypsophila Pretty Maid  YES  
Helenium Helena Gold    YES  
Hellebor Dacaya   YES
Hellebor Winterbells   YES
Heuchera  Marvlous Marble Silver YES  
Heuchera Palace Purple YES YES
Heuchera Coral Forest  YES  
Hollyhock Chater Mix      YES YES
Hollyhock Halo Mix       YES  
Kniphofia Flamenco Mix       YES  
Lavandula  Munstead Strain YES  
Lavandula Ellagance Purple   YES  
Lavandula Ellagance Snow     YES  
Lavandula Hidcote Blue Strain YES  
Leucanthmum Crazy Daisy             YES  
Leucanthmum Madonna                 YES  
Liatris Floristan Violet      YES  
Lithodora Blue Star YES  
Lithodora Heavenly Blue  YES  
Lobelia Queen Victoria YES YES
Lobelia Starship Rose Deep YES YES
Lobelia Starship Scarlet   YES YES
Lupin Gallery Blue      YES YES
Lupin Gallery Pink     YES YES
Lupin Gallery Pink Bicolour YES YES
Lupin Gallery Red          YES YES
Lupin Gallery White       YES YES
Lupin Gallery Yellow       YES YES
Lupin Russell Mix      YES YES
Monarda Balmy Lilac YES YES
Monarda Balmy Pink YES YES
Monarda Balmy Purple YES YES
Monarda Balmy Rose YES YES
Monarda Fireball YES YES
Nepeta Junior Walker YES YES
Oenothera Siskiyou Pink     YES  
Papaver Champagne Bubbles YES  
Papaver Garden Gnome  YES  
Papaver Bty Livermere  YES YES
Papaver Pizzicato     YES YES
Papaver Royal Wedding  YES YES
Penstemon Arabesque Appleblossom YES YES
Penstemon Arabesque Orchid     YES YES
Penstemon Arabesque Pink  YES YES
Penstemon Arabesque Red       YES YES
Penstemon Arabesque Violet     YES YES
Penstemon Electric Blue       YES YES
Perovskia Blue Steel            YES
Phlox Chattahoochee YES  
Phlox Clouds Perfume  YES  
Phlox sub Bavaria           YES  
Phlox sub Candy Stripe       YES  
Phlox sub Coral Eye        YES  
Phlox sub Drummonds Pink      YES  
Phlox sub Emerald Cushion Blue YES  
Phlox sub McDaniels Cushion   YES  
Phlox sub Scarlet Flame     YES  
Phlox sub White Delight    YES  
Phlox Top Shelf Cosmopolitan   YES
Phlox Top Shelf Pina Colada   YES
Phlox Top Shelf Purple Kiss   YES
Phlox Top Shelf Red Caribbean   YES
Physostegia Crystal Peak White YES  
Primula littoniana             YES  
Rudbeckia  Little GoldStar   YES
Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm  YES YES
Salvia Amethyst Lips         YES YES
Salvia Cherry Lips          YES YES
Salvia greggii Radio Red YES YES
Salvia  Hot Lips  YES YES
Salvia Mirage Purple Deep  YES YES
Salvia Blue Hill         YES YES
Salvia Blue Marvel YES YES
Salvia Caradonna         YES YES
Salvia Lyrical White YES YES
Salvia  May Night       YES YES
Salvia Ostfriesland     YES YES
Salvia  Rose Marvel YES YES
Salvia  Snow Hill         YES YES
Salvia Sensation Rose YES YES
Saxifraga Highlander White   YES  
Saxifraga Rocco Red            YES  
Scabiosa Flutter Blue Deep YES YES
Scabiosa Flutter Rose Pink YES YES
Scabiosa Flutter White Pure YES YES
Scabiosa Mariposa Blue YES YES
Sedum Matrona                 YES
Sedum Munstead Red             YES
Sedum Purple Emperor          YES
Sedum Angelina          YES  
Sedum sieboldii Variegated   YES  
Sedum spurium Voodoo       YES  
Verbascum Southern Charm  YES YES
Verbena Buenos Aires  YES YES
Verbena Santos Purple         YES YES
Veronica Moody Blues Blue Dark YES YES
Veronica Moody Blues Blue Sky YES YES
Veronica Moody Blues Mauve YES YES
Veronica Moody Blues Pink YES YES
Veronica Moody Blues White YES YES
Veronica Red Fox        YES YES
Viola Columbine              YES  
Viola Etain            YES  
Viola Rebecca                 YES  
Viola Suzie                  YES  
Viola Zoe              YES  

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